Red 2020 Chevrolet Traverse on a City St at NightDid you know that choosing to own a Chevrolet vehicle has its perks? To demonstrate our unequaled dedication and commitment to our drivers, we have developed a comprehensive owner benefit program; Chevrolet Complete Care.

Additionally, the Chevrolet Owner Center is a convenient one-stop, online resource that caters to all your car needs. With this resource, you can do the following:

Download Vehicle Owner Manuals
View Service Records
Receive Assistance with Bluetooth Pairing
View Warranty Status
And other useful information
Chevrolet Complete Care

We can guarantee that with Chevrolet Complete Care, we’re dedicated to providing you with owner benefits you can trust. We’re in it for the long haul. Our Chevrolet Complete Care program will not only provide you with comprehensive owner benefits but also superb customer service and support. From the second you buy a new vehicle from us you can expect this quality service.
Learn About Your New Chevrolet
Adjusting Climate Control

The climate control feature allows you and your passengers to enjoy a comfortable vehicle experience every time your Chevrolet’s wheels start moving on the road. Conveniently the cabin temperature can be set separately for the passenger and driver, automatically controlled, or synced for both positions.
MyChevrolet Mobile App

With the MyChechrolet mobile app, you can use your phone to view your owner’s manuals, remote start your Chevrolet, and access the various service offers and connections available to you.
Advanced Technology And Chevrolet MyLink

Did you know that your vehicle might be trying to tell you something? Your new Chevrolet vehicle is equipped with Oil Life Monitoring Systems that alert you when you need to change your vehicle’s oil. Additionally, our qualified Certified Service Experts can recommend what is best for your vehicle. So consider scheduling an appointment today.
OnStar With 4G Technology And WiFi

OneStar offers many different features like Turn-by-Turn Navigation, Automatic Crash Response, and Roadside Assistance, at Your Service offers and connections, Remote Door Unlock, and access to emergency services.
Accessories At Schumacher Chevrolet Lake Park

Are you considering personalizing your vehicle? At Schumacher Chevrolet Lake Park there is a comprehensive portfolio of accessories available that can enhance the performance, capabilities, and appearance of your Chevrolet.